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Critical praise for F. Paul Pacult's newest book is already in...

"A Double Scotch tells the tale of how two men from farming stock, George Smith and James Chivas, found themselves as central figures in the birth of the modern whisky industry and who by hard work, hard-nosed determination – and some luck – created what were to become known as ‘brands’. The pace is fast, the tone light but punchy, witty, and informed. Pacult has also uncovered facts, which have gone ignored by other whisky scholars, and along the way punctures some of the myths which have sprung up around the drink. Pour yourself a dram and dive in."
Dave Broom
Whisky journalist, United Kingdom

Clear, concise, informative, and full of wonderful personalities, A Double Scotch is a fascinating look at the distillers’ art and the business that supports it. F. Paul Pacult's research is meticulous and his storytelling fluent. I enjoyed it mightily. What more could one want?"
David Wondrich
Esquire Magazine, United States

F. Paul Pacult has literally poured himself into his work (and, to be sure, his work into him)… A Double Scotch is as vital and aromatic as a wee dram sitting by the reader's side. Make it A Double!"
Duncan Christy
Editorial Director, Sky Magazine

Scotch whisky, Scotland's gift to the world, developed, grew, and succeeded through the skill and tenacity of colorful and resourceful individuals. In A Double Scotch, these characters and the tribulations they had to overcome are brought to life making the book a joy for all who wish to understand what has made Scotch whisky the global success it is today."
Campbell Evans
Scotch Whisky Association,
Edinburgh, Scotland

From perhaps America's most prolific raconteur of all things liquid and spirited, comes this tome chronicling the lineage of two of Scotland's most renowned distillers. There could be few others that could articulately express as much passion about this subject, a topic near and dear to my heart as well. As a spirits educator and a history nut, as a consumer of fine spirits and as a storyteller who always appreciates a well-spun tale, I highly recommend this book to anyone that ever enjoyed a dram of the good stuff. If you have never imbibed, read this book and you will be hooked!"
Steven Olson
Aka Wine Geek,
Beverage Alcohol Educator, United States